May 16, 2013

Asset VS Liability - Wat can we learn from it?

I read about asset and liability and its different from the perspective of Robert Kiyosaki few years ago. To be exact it was during my final year in States.

Of course i tried my hard to do what he proposed. Which was to buy assets that will give you more money in the future. Which lead to buying a dslr camera together with lenses and its assecories. Well of course I do love photography and enjoy taking pictures. I did part time job taking pictures for weddings of my friends. The money that I received paid for my travel expenses. Although I was a bit regret that I did not put much effort into expanding my photography business. Allright thats a lesson to be learned for me.

Okay so what's the difference between assets and liabilities. I will write another post about it okay. However you can see the summary in my sketch at the top picture. For a teaser I would say.

Till then, take care and be careful..

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