May 15, 2013

A simple catch up..

okay whats new about me?

Achieve my target to buy a house. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for make it easy on me. Will write bout how i buy a house with zero down payment. Also what i had been through to get the house.

Already hit my target to buy 1oz of silver each month. I started buying Silver maybe August last year and i have more than a year target hit. Alhamdulillah for sudden price drop in middle April.

Supposedly to finish up my Master in June 2013 but couldnt do it as i failed in two subjects. Its a huge lesson for me to not take things for granted. Also to be focus on few items only. I guess being married plus working and studying requires a lot of effort and way too much too handle at a time. Sorry engineering knowledge i have to sacrifice you...  : '( For now I am targetting to complete my master in February 2014. InsyaAllah. 

Of course my passion in photography never ends. I keep looking at the natures while driving and cursing myself for not be able to capcure such beautiful moments. A promise to myswlf will take some time to spend on taking photos only. Btw me and pak jat (my hubby of course hehehe) upgraded his 40d camera and my 17-40 L lens to 60D right before we got married. Totally love every click with that camera.

Last but not least, i definitely should write more aite?  To sharpen up my writing skills. InsyaAllah

Till then, thank you so much for reading. :)

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