Jan 2, 2013

2013 Resolution

I have yet to complete my hws and study for my finals. Nevertheless I have been pondering bout delicious cakes and desserts nonstop. Also some good foods. Demn I am the goddess of EATING. Definitely can eat many things. Haha
I have yet to edit some of my wedding pictures. Yes, me already a maam. I still feel weird when people call me Maam (Puan) instead of  Ms (Cik).
Is it a guilt of me not feeling old enough at the age of 27? Cause I could see many endless things to be explored in the future. Good things of course.
Oh oh my travel list. Having a husband is like winning a lottery. Okay wrong comparison haha, but I want to bring HIM to many places. USS (cause I havent rode on the transformers), Perhentian Island (cause its simply awesome), Tioman Island (me wanna go to its waterfall and the famous village there), Japan (because Atim's having a training over there and that wud be such a darn cheap trip mannnn), Krabi again (frankly I cant get enough of Krabi for its good foods, nice beaches, and cheap trips) and many many places on the world.
I wanna bake bake bake anddddd bakeeee.. Sadly I cant allocate enough time to fulfil my desire. Darn me cause furthering my master without even thinking bout long term effect. Haha. Why me wanna bake? Because ppl posting up good pictures of good cakes, pastries and delis make wanna give it a try.
Juggling up three things at a time (working, studying, wife-ing) is totally exhausted and a mess! Yes a mess with messy house, mess of time management, and of course messy me. Oh God, why did I choose this path? Whyyyyyyy?
You know that you used to think that when u're grow up, you would end up be more responsible with everything. Hey guess what? That doesnt really happen. Haha okay Tim, please wake up and be a responsible student. ( but but the thesis is just so hard to write.. sigh')
Okay now i'm thinking bout the fishes that I bought yesterday. I love fishes even my husband isnt that fancy about it. nyum nyum nyum. masak lemak cili padi, asam pedas, sambal. oh my i cant stop thinking of food.
Ok bye uols, I need to fight the resistance to eat my own homemade meal and focusing on doing the hws. (the hws are to be submitted tomorrow, and i am nowhere close to 50% completed, silly me).
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