Dec 4, 2009

The Shiela Effect.. (Will be updated from time to time..)

Shiela (my friend since form 1) was on holiday. Good for her cause she got a month of break from school. She wanted to be a stewardess if she failed in doing her architectural study. Also, she tried to gain additional 4cm of height so that she could be qualified to be interviewed for the Singapore Airlines' stewardess. OOooppss I guess I've spilled too much info abt Shiela. hehehehe. Good luck for your might-not-happen stewardess' interview!!! haha

Anyway, I want to share this quote that I get from forwarded message in Tagged(yes, I play tagged as well as facebook..haha).

A Strong Friendship Doesnt Need Daily Conversation; Doesnt Always Need Togetherness. As Long As The Relationship Lives In The Heart, True Friends Will Never Part.

Oh back to the Shiela Effect story. So she was bored doing nothing at her home.(Not really nothing cause she did went to Melaka and Gunung with her friends..)So I was thinking what about she did some photoshoot. At least she could use those photos for her stewardess interview. (okay, can't get enough with the stewardess issue..hahhaa). So let the pictures tell how the photoshoot ended.

p/s: Thanks to Shiela stewardessShiela, Gg, Alif, Yin, Gai, Joe AbangJoe and everyone else. Owh not to forget to say thanks to the brother who drove Navara whose responsible in letting me eating cheese bread for free. hoo yeah!!!

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