Nov 30, 2009

Oh my, she's engaged already!

Yesterday I went to Seri's engagement ceremony at her house. Seri was my friend in high school. We were in the same class. We haven't met each other in many years, perhaps 5 years. Oh my, Seri looked exactly the same like she hadn't changed at all. Still small, damn, that brings out envy in me. hahaha. Still pretty. Still talkative. Owh and also, Sara and Rafidah were there. Fuhhh, at least I wasnt there alone, not knowing anyone else. hehehe. We talked quite a lot about others in my class. Gossiping here and there. soksek soksek... soksek soksek.... Okay, next year, a MUST event, reunion for 5A STS 2003.
Anyway my dear Seri, congatulations on your engagement.

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