Dec 8, 2009

Green is the new black.

I guess I am kinda bored with potraite already. Hahaha. too much of people's faces. So let's go into something more abstract and structural which are things. I shoot those pictures during Daya's wedding, one of my many many cousins. (Yes, I got lots of cousins that I even have to ask for their names each time we met..duhhh) Owh, I just realized that sometimes when I posted up pictures on facebook, I got few critiques or the positive way to say it, a constructive comments. Those comments at first brought a slight of unease to me, but after few moments or precisely seconds, hey.. critiques weren't that bad at all. At least I know my weakness and know where to fix it. So yeah, feel free to critique my photographs. I am here to be the GREAT and not to stay the same forever. So I am up to any condemn (well, I think so at this point. if I am not really up to it, I can just delete this post later. hahahaha LMAO..)

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