Oct 20, 2009

A Game

Okay, I guess I am kinda bored with the compliments. (Well, I do appreciate those positive comments though. Keep commenting guys, make my day!)

It's just that I think that I won't learn much just by uploading only the best picture from one folder and buried the rest of 'em.

So yeah, let's play one game. (well, it's a reality game, sorta) I will once in a while upload some pictures that I couldn't figure out why those pictures couldn't be the greats.

Any destructive or constructive comment is welcomed. Don't worry, you can even state yourself as anonymous if you're not comfortable to reveal yourself.

background of this picha - Melaka, Taman Mini Malaysia (is it the correct name? hehe)
Took this pic with other photographers. Although I could tweak around with photoshop to enhance the color, but this picture doesnt give me the 'wow' feeling. So, I don't know it probably the composition, or i should zoom in/out more, or whatever.

Could you just help me here!

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