Oct 14, 2009

Time to say goodbye!

Cit. I was writitng a full parapragh of why I was saying goodbye to Adobe Lightroom and welcoming Adobe Bridge CS4. Then the hand accidentally hit the delete button and bammm, all were gone. So yeah, no more repetition as I am too lazy to write everything back. Some quick points

a- Tq Yin for the helping of installing CS4. woot woot
b- Bye2 Lightroom (too dark, complex indexing system and not user friendly)
c- Love Bridge (better graphic as in SIMPLER than the above and user friendly)

Many could snap great pictures aite? However, only a few could capture stories. I am still learning.. ( Remember the saying, One picture worths thousand stories..?)

Can't lie that I did some modification to this pic. Hehehe. However, I love how those school kids looked like they were up to something after their school session ended.
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