Jun 17, 2009

yesterday was a surprise!!!

went to Toast Master program yesterday. Wow, Toast Master was really 'something'. Before that, I bumped into Ihsan with his girlfriend. How small the world could be. Then he mentioned bout Jbon, Afham and Najib were meeting up in KLCC. Mannn, I missed them already. There I went, to KLCC to meet them.

Had to crash at Cepet's place, but got to see Awa. (Sengal Awa, bace blog aku xnak comment). We had quite a talk among us and guess what, this photography blog, a site that I admire for their creativity in photography is owned by cepet's brother. hahahaha. totally miss the fact that cepet and jijie share the same last name. It's a small world after all.

just to announce to all

pre-reunion STS, PMR 2001, SPM 2003

June 20th, 09
One Utama
10 am
Food Court

Pot Luck with Stevenians

June 21st, 09
Wetland, Putrajaya
11 am
Bring foodss as in LOTSSS of foodss
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