Jun 1, 2009

Almost everyday I feel tired due to too much walk. However it's okay. I enjoy every moment of this opportunity to get to know my parents really well.

Anyway, congrats to Nisa and Abomb who are getting married this coming July. Can't wait to come to the wedding. The more I age, the more people around me getting married. I already missed few friend's wedding and engagement. Only could see their pictures from far, and 'terkilan' alone in the room.

Went to Niagara Falls last weekend, and had quite a chat with Ili and others. Ili's foster parents told her about how she came as a teenagers during freshman year and graduated as a woman. The transition from a teen to a woman happened in United States. So, the US education, the US society, the US environment, and everything that surrounded her at that duration shaped her to be a woman. I was like wow. That's true. All the problems that I faced, all the laughters that I shared, all the smiles that I received, all the works that I put into, all the loneliness from being away from the loved ones, all the sadness and happiness, all of them shaped me up to be what I am now. Yet, I still think that I could be far better than I am now.

Dare to do what you like and dare to like what you do. You'll be surprised how the future can turn into wonderful things along with your high spirit and interest.
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