Apr 16, 2009

Unity Carnival - The funness and the craziness

I always looking forward for Unity Carnival organized by ESC every year. I get to see friends, eat different kinds of foods, free stuff (I am cheap, I love free stuff!!) and mingle with friends. One thing that I am looking forward is free Malaysian food. One club gets 150$ budget to order food, and MASA (my beloved Malaysian Students Association) always order foods from Satay Restaurant (omg, you can't believe the food price in Satay is EXPENSIVE). Then we could eat the food for free. I remembered those days when MASA ordered Bubble Tea.. wahhhh, very spoiled. Unity Carnival always the time that I am willing to spare regardless how much works that need to be done. Everything doesn't matter as long as I could attend Unity Carnival. Thanks god that even though it was raining in the morning, the the ESC crews could move the venue to MPK court yard. I was hoping the venue would be in Walker Gym.. hahaha, I can't always get things I want right.

I did tie-dye shirt, got my hand henna-ed, bought the Unity's sweater for 7 bucks.(although I still think that the price should be lower than that..). owh owh got a caricature for myself that didnt resemble me at all. then, for a free caricature, i had no right to complain. the artist had a little challenge to draw me as he's so used to draw hair.

okay, too much rumbles. enjoy the pics. btw, hakim came with his camera (Rebel XSi) and we changed body and lens. Damn.. I really want a new camera. (crying and hurting in silence)

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