Apr 16, 2009

Nantucket trip - only for the Seniors of the Fencing Team

It's a tradition for seniors in Stevens Women Fencing Varsity Athlete to go for a trip to Nantucket with Linda. I went there with other 4 girls and we spent the Easter weekend together. The weather was chilly and windy as it's surrounded by ocean. (daaaa, it's an island, it's ought to be colder than Hoboken). I bought my winter jacket but that didn't deter the wind to kill my body heat. Urghhh bad wind bad wind.

One thing that you should know about this wonderful island, EVERYTHING is in gray color. The houses, the shops, the admin buildings and schools. That's how they preserve the historical value in their land. Even the road is mostly dirt/off road. No chain store at all and all stores are locally owned. They have 3 light houses, and the island is just so small that you could cover all three light houses in half a day. The only proof to show that you have a house on the island is that you know everyone else. I found that sentence was true cause Linda seemed to know everyone on the island. There's no place that we went that she had nobody to talk to.

p/s : I'd lost my foil mask. :(
p/p/s : Fencing season over, trip to gym also ended, lost the buildup muscles, and therefore would grow up unwanted body fat. gulp!

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