Apr 20, 2009

My Grad Nite '09

TOO MANY PICTURES.. help help 911.. I'm drowning into the piles of pictures.. Yesterday was overwhelming with cameras everywhere. it was pretty intense and everyone was happy. The juniors really worked hard for the night and kudos to them. pla pla pla

yeah, my batch is the biggest batch with 20 ppl. but in the pic at the top, afham and faizi were missing.

We had a signage of 'Grad Nite, Class of 2009' and some creative people took the opportunity to shoot individual posts with the signage.

I tried to have a shot with all seniors, however, I just got 13 of them. Missing 6 and sorry for those whom I missed.

Then the moments with the juniors.

I gave the groups above my signage 'TiM' as a prop for them to hold and I pressed the shutter. Some were refused, but I got the camera anyway and they couldn't say 'No'. teehee.

It wasn't easy for all of us to be far from house and to study here okay. Even though it may sound cool that we now live next to New York City, and we could actually see the Empire State from our bedroom, we still need to work hard to strive. Nothing does make studying in States easier than local's.
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