Apr 15, 2009

Elie Fonrose, a great guy to be remembered..

i introduced myself to him in design 7 class. i knew that he would be the perfect candidate as my group mate. we worked together to finish up all the assignments. we did the slides for our presentation. we even sat to each other during lecture. once in a while we skipped classes together.

we shared stories. sometimes we watched random videos on youtube. he wanted to be a rocket scientist. he always came out with crazy but great ideas to everything. he did his part on time. he offered his printer to print out the slides and reports. he had his own standard of writing the report. he always knew what he was doing.

and now he left us with sorrow yet he left with dignity. yeah, it's indeed true that life is short. to elie, my dear friend, rest in peace. i've learned a lot from you and will keep what we used to have in mind forever.

p/s : my dear friends, nothing could I ask from you except for taking care of your health. Eat only healthy food and less junks and always perform medical check up. I couldn't afford to lose more friends anymore.
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