Mar 19, 2009

Model by Arif taken at Wolman Rink, Central Park

Arif said this pic was great! I din't give it a damn at that time, but yeah, it's a great picture. With the composition of the clock, him, and the bar rail at the back. Everything seemed perfectly fine. Just wish that I could render down his face and make it more subtle.

p/s: I always afraid that I will give up travelling one day due to have no one to travel with. Then, yesterday I just realize that there's someone who always has the passion of travelling, waiting for me to wake him up from his day dream. He's always been around, but I am just too blind to see. Apelagi abah, jom travel banyak2 pasneh. hahaha. Kita pergi Thailand, Vietnam, Jepun, Diving etc. Jom Abah jom.

p/p/s: Sometimes Abah is just conservative and hard to change what he's believe in, but I have faith that it could be changed. I've done it many times. *chuckles*
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