Dec 10, 2008

if she's still 'here'


Janganla macam ini. Janganla sedih.
Janganla hancurkan segala impian kau.
Kau kenela tabah, kau kenela kuat.

I can hear her voice whispering to my ears.
I can still remember her look.
I can still feel her tears.

..if I would have given the chance to trade everything I have to get her back, I would definitely hesitate to do so. but I know if she's me, she would even trade her life to make sure I am alright..

..and that makes us two different people, sorry Maya, I am just selfish as you know I always do..

..Maya, Insyallah, one day, your dream of open up a business will be a reality. I am working on it slowly..

..Maya, if you could really listen to my heart right now, I hope you can understand how much I miss your presence in my life..
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