Dec 10, 2008

Can't help it but I love cars

2009 Ford F-150

Base Price: $20,345
What's New: America's best-selling truck has been entirely redesigned. Ford's designers took styling cues from the larger Super Duty Series trucks.
Why We've Got to Drive It: Aside from the rough and tumble styling, Ford has improved nearly every aspect of its mainline truck. Three new V8 engines offer more horsepower and a new six-speed transmission promises a less truck-like driving experience.

Sometimes I just wish that I can just do internship at repair-car-store so that I can learn how to repair different types of cars. But then, terfikir mamat2 mekanik yg gatal, yucks.. umm no thanks..

nway, I found the must drive car in 2009 in this website and randomly picked cars that I would die to own.

2009 BMW 7 Series

Base Price: $76,800 (est.)
What's New: The 7 Series' new styling replaces the controversial body design of the last version.
Why We've Got to Drive It: BMW is throwing a ton of goodies into its flagship sedan in order to sweeten the deal. Just a few of these include an improved iDrive controller, a roomier backseat, and a dashboard angled toward the driver.

2010 Porsche Boxster

Base Price: $46,000 (est.)
What's New: Porsche isn't messing with a good thing and this re-design is mostly evolution rather than revolution. The front-end is slightly reworked with new, larger head lights.
Why We've Got To Drive It: Porsche is upping the ante with two new engine options: a base 2.9-liter makes 255 horses while a more powerful 3.4-liter engine pumps out 310 horses. Both should sing.

2009 Ferrari California Spyder

Base Price: $250,000 (est.)
What's New: This Ferrari is an entirely new model joining the lineup of Italian stallion vehicles.
Why We've Got to Drive It: The California Spyder comes equipped with a power-plant befitting of the grill's prancing pony. The direct-injection V8 makes 460 horses, sending the roadster from zero to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds.

2009 Lotus Evora

Base Price: $70,000 (est.)
What's New: The Evora is the first new Lotus in more than 10 years and will go head-to-head with Porsche's low-end 911s.
Why We've Got to Drive It: Lotus has excelled at creating relatively affordable sports cars that faithfully recreate a bare-bones racing experience. The Evora promises to continue the tradition.

p/s : keep drooling!!!
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