Dec 14, 2008

New Toy in the house..

Saya dah ade new toy, which is Polaroid.. Uuuuu mahal giler weyh harga die, (mentang2 Polaroid discontinued), ppl up kan harga. Cisss, saya menjadi mangsa keadaan. Nway, took few shot yesterday (over excited!!! ).

Veryla interesting outcome die. Very fun la, like Afifi/Bergedil said. It's the fun part that makes Polaroid's so special. Huuuuhuuu. No photoshop skill required okay. I bought 5 packs (50 films total) all at once, so will be having a big collection on my wall. Tee hee

Nway, on the right is a random pic, created by Rex. It's wonderful design yet I must admit, it's gross as well. Yucks!!

We went to Chelsea market. A must go place, I say. Ha, to Stevenians, I know most you haven't been there. Pergila, pergila.. I am begging you so badly. It's gheto yet it's super cool dowh. X caye, pergila sendiri. Fariza, anda bersama raimi harus pergi ke sane (silapla, sebab aku tahu kau akan dtg ke NYC nanti.. )

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