Oct 27, 2008


oh rina - coroumn 80s

Tapau aka gurl_troublez

Do you remember this song??? For sure you are kan.. For all the time you were strumming on the suitar, at the Kuari Lombong, at you house, at Batu, at other places. I will remember all the things we have done forever..

Do you remember that your class was next to my class. I sat at the back of the class. You whispered from the back door while squating, then I would sneak out when teacher was facing blackboard and we skipped school with others.

Do you remember the time that we hung out at the bus station at the front of STAR, and sometimes would try to hide our faces from ustaz or any vicious teacher.

Do you remember that we used to burn ourselves accidentally. Tula, masuk air banyak sangat. I still have the scar on me, on my right hand.

Do you remember this line " Bodoh tau ... Telefon polis.. " Wakakakakakaa

The moment before I left to study at USA. Tasik Jambatan Baru got a new bridge. Awa showed up with her new rebonding hair.

When most of us got addicted to MIRC and opened up our own channel. We hung out at Spring tho whole evening, and stayed up chatting at night. Also, I learn about debugging MIRC code during this time.

My birthday, the 18th. It was a surprise, a good one, I must say. Cheers to you guys again.
We had fun until your mum came back early. Uppsii.

Then, your house became out 'port'.

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