Oct 31, 2008

10 stupid things I have done..!!!

Tagged by another best friend from high school. Nah Enon, special tuk kau, make sure kau komen banyak2..!!


1). I involved in car accidents, 3 times in a year. Time form 5. stuuupiddddddd

2). My dad was stopped by cop when I was small. The policeman told him that he 'potong belah kiri". I cried because I thought the police would " belah tangan kiri " my dad. stupid!

3). I used to write a love letter to a guy that I didn't like at all, but had been gossiped with, just because I thought it's cool to write a love letter, influenced by friends. stupidddddd.

4). I rode on a race bicycle, and I didn't know where the brake was, so I couldn't brake and crush into Tapioca tree and nailed the tree using my head, got my head bleed, and had match competition the next day. Stupid stupid stupid.

5). I wanted to fry something, and instead of pouring oil onto pan, I misplaced honey instead of oil. I just threw the 'honey oil' away and start cooking again. stupid la

6). I cut my brother sandal because he wasn't afraid of my threat, and got beaten by my mum after that. Stupid tull

7). I used to believe that if you stepped on crack on the cement floor, ghost would haunt you down at night, and I walked cautiously not wanting to step on the crack. stupid + innocent young girl.

8). I fight with my best friend over jealousy of me being closed to someone else. the stupid thing ever...

9). I used to have all black in my closet. What was I thinking? wanted to be a gothic? urgh

10). I messed with my grade so that I could have my dad angry at me, but he never did. Pointless effort though... stupid 4x!!!

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