Aug 20, 2013

A story bout ebooks.

There was one upon a time that I used to love reading books and had fun buying them. I even decided to be a writer one day. True story that I used to write love stories and wanted to publish them as novels. I was 12 at that time. Haha

Then when the internet came, I was more attracted to read the articles online and write on  blogspot. Of course for one BIG reason - it is free. Save up my money, time and limitless knowledge. Even now I couldnt imagine my life without the internet. I just cant live without internet.

Yet when there are way too many information, too many sites producing articles, I soon realize few problems such as

1. Hard to have an organized information. The information are there, but not in the systematic way. Sometimes it could be way too much and hard to handle. I endure this when I was gathering information bout gold investment. My goodness, I dont even care to bookmark the related websites cause they are tons of websites produce information bout gold investment.

2. Redundant information due to plagiarism and quoting. With the ctrl+c and ctrl+v, sometimes the information I wanted to read is published on 10 websites and it is exactly the same.

3. Misinformation as the website owner just doesnt care bout the credibility of the articles.

4. Way too many advertisements. I dont want to click on those banners or even see them on my screen. I want to read!

Lately somehow I realize that I have been buying ebooks and some physical books. More convenience, systematic and the information in the e/books are just so refreshing. Yes I have to pay extra in compared to googling about it online, but its the value that I appreciate the most. My first ebook is the one written by Saufi Karim bout how to buy a house without 10% downpayment, I did everything as he had wrote in his ebooks and now I am a proud house owner. Even now I am investing on myself to learn more about property investment and to be as great as Robert Kiyosaki.

I might share the review of the ebooks and books here in my blog.

Also if you buy an ebook, you can earn the commission by refer the ebook on your blog or your social medias. Sometimes the comission is 50% of the sales. I can get RM50 if a friend clicks on the referral link and buys a RM100 ebook. Wonderful right?

So if you like to read and like to spread the good message like me, you can always register to be a referral at JomNiaga

Actually there are other sites that you can register and buy your ebook, and get affiliates commission. But JomNiaga is the first I explore and I have yet to explore other options.

One thing I like bout JomNiaga is the wide selection of ebooks they have. From investment, business, gold, silver, baking and even how to swim.

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