Aug 1, 2013

A sneak peek...

I guess it is true what we read months ago will determine who we are now. MashaAllah I have learned so much bout silver, property, business,  financial management and self motivation. Yet I have not know many things of those and still am learning..

My gratuity to my Lord who has given a chance for my mind to explore the world with different perspective. Also thanks a lot to my husband who always supports me in venturing new ideas. I wouldn't do these things alone sayang.

Now my next project is to put our photography business Efzeen Creation to another level with addition of another services like Guestbook and Candy Buffet InsyaAllah..

Of course I want a new website. Must have .com domain, thats a mission. Yet am still thinking bout the official name. maybe or or Hurm a hard decision to make.

By the way, try do zikr Subhanallah x 33, Alhamdulillah x 33, Allahuakbar x 33 everyday. MashaAllah it does help my soul in managing my anger and frustration. Whenever I am not satisfy with certain things like everyone else, I do the zikr and hey guess what it soothes me and calm me down.

Also during this Ramadan I learn the power of Doa. Not that I dont acknowledge the power of Doa but I really experience bout the power of Doa. So everyday my Doa will be ( got this idea from Dr Azizan Osman )

I pray for me and my family to have a business which wont have loss in Dunya and Akhirat. I pray for the rezeki to come in bundles. I pray that we could pay the zakat and give lots of sadaqah to people in need. I pray that we to be given enough time to spend with families and do charities. I pray so that we could help out many people in achieving their dreams.

Till then, salam Ramadhan everyone and lets celebrate this coming Syawal with modesty, InsyaAllah.

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