Oct 6, 2012

The things you should know bout Acne..

If you know me in person, then you'll realize that i struggle with acne problems. Emmm perhaps i got acne when i started studying in UiTM in 2004. Gosh that was like 8 years ago mannn and i still got Acne till August 2012..

My problem had gotten worse after i got back from study in States. There was no clean surface on my face at certain time. Gosh that was very embarassing. Haha

There were some advices that ppl gave to lighten up my problem such as :-

A) Be on a strict diet on certain foods like seafoods, nuts, preservatives, spicy and foods etc.

I did that but the reality is how could you avoid such foods? Especially me a working girl (woman to be exact) whose always on travel mode. Its not like i have the luxury time to cook at home and eat healthy and organic. Regardless I realized that eating any food that contained MSG (ajinomoto) or seafoods could lead acne to break out on my face (even fastfoods also T_T). Yes, I have to admit that i used to force myself to be on strict diet so that i have a clean face. However, it only last for a month or two. As me a Steamboat lover cant be separated from Seafoods. So this isnt a good approach to shuuhhh away acne.

B) Do facial regularly

Doing facial every two weeks and using products from the SPA is very expensive.. T_t Yet I gave it a try anyway and hurt my pocket money. After 3/4 months trying, tadaaa clear skin.. Yippeee, but i noticed acne still break out regardless how much i spent on the facial and products. Of course i have to quit this approach as i cant maintained the high cost. Sigh

C) Supplements

Do you know that the supplements for skin is quite expensive. Some say 'anything for clear skin' and yes i bought those supplements which were not helpful in aiding my acne problem.

D) Clinical Products for acne
E) Traditional method like using cinnamon, tumeric , etc
F) Seek treatment from dermatolist

My last effort actually leads me to a better understanding of Acne.
Well, to keep it short, dermatologist basically will give antibiotics to eat. You must eat antibiotics everyday for more than 3 months so actually see the result. So i went to see dermatologist in July. Went through one month with acne breaking out badly. The second month, my acne reduced. However i faced extreme side effect like many ulcers in my mouth, nausea and vomitting after swallowing the antibiotics. Then after being advised from my fiancee that taking antibiotic for long term isnt good for my body, so i went online and read about the antibiotics that i was taking.

The next day, i stopped eating antibiotics for the tremendous side effects i'd read.

However, i learnt something very vital. How lots of ppl have been misleading about the ways to approach acne.

Treating acne should be from inside. Not from outside like using face products or monthly facial. Its like healthy body leads to healthy skin. Yet, just by simply consume supplements for acne wont help as well if you dont understand the cause of acne.

So the main question here is what causes acne? The answer is all about toxin. So its how your body manages the toxin in your body could give direct effect to your skin problem. This is because everyone's body is different than other in term of biological system.

In general, human body removes toxins through urine, poop, and sweat. However we dont realize that skin is the largest organ of excretion (perkumuhan). So when your skin develops acne, the skin is actually doing its job to remove toxin out from your bosy.

So the theory is if we could teach other organs of excretion(liver, kidney) to remove toxin more efficient, then the skin doesnt have to develop acne which eventually leads to healthy skin.

Till later...
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