Mar 2, 2010

The City of Lion.. (hey, what about mermaid though??)

Riding a bus.
Went to Arab Street which was located few blocks from Queen St. Yin said the Kebab was good.
They have this old,nice and antique mosque. I *like*
Also, Arab Street was fulled with old and small buildings. Ahhhh I *like*
Went to Lasalle College. So breath taking. Wish that I was one of the art students there.
Pretty aite? I told u so that Lasalle College was a breath taking..
We sneaked up into the building and toured the building. So well done design..
Vivo City, where we dipped our feet into the water and laid down and took a nap. Hehehe. splendid indeed. We spent pretty much most of our time ere. Window shopping, dinner, watch varieties of pets.

Okay, those flats with different tones of paintings remind me of Nippon Paints.

p/s: there were lots of interesting things to be captured ere, in Singapore, but we had so little time to really explore all of 'em. Plus, we are girls anyway. We kinda love shopping (or at least only window) more than anything.. kinda.. you know what I meant right?
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