Feb 23, 2010

Singapore is so on!!!

Just renewed my passport. Ummm don't know why Abah was so kind enough to allow me to go to Melaka today to get my passport renewed. Anyway, going to Singapore this weekend. Heyyy yeah!!!

Okay2, I always thought that I shouldn't write abt places I am going to avoid any stalker/kidnapper doing harm on me. Nevertheless, who cares!!! I am so excited... Singapore!!! here I come... Weeeee

So, today I got few calls from suppliers about price quotation and supplying construction materials, and I promised them to fax all the required documents back to them after I was done with this passport thingy. The truth was, I was too tired (maybe a bit lazy.. hahaha plus today was freaking hot) that I decided to just stay at home and hanging out with Nadiya.

Nadiya (oh yeah, she's the youngest sister from the previous post --> okay, scroll down for whoever hasn't read the respective post) tagged along to the Imigration Office. Oh my, bringing a child to a government's office was such a hassle. She complaint abt everything with loud noise, I am telling you; she nagged when she's tired or hungry. she's laughing out loud when she's happy and blablabla. Owh people keep staring at me like "oh-my-god,why is this young mother applying for a passport? and is she alone?" and I gave them the look of "mind you, she's my sister and I don't bother to tell you the truth cause miracle only happen to exraordinary people, heh"

Owh, I don't bother to upload any pictures with this post. (well, the truth is I have no new nice pictures okay except for my sisters' whose the camwhores and I bet everyone would be extremely bored with their pictures)
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