Jan 21, 2010

Okay, so he was the first guy in our class to get married first..

I wrote the full paragraph about Haji (Hafizul Anuar Saadun) and wife (Salina) and accidentally click one key and zapppp, all gone. TQ BLOGSPOT, you just make my day!!!

Anyway, back to Haji's story. Haji and me were in the same class in form 3. He was the first guy to get married. The solemnization was in Kuantan, Pahang which explained of why did I go to Batu Hitam Beach with Amir. Salina was so pretty and sweet and lovely and happy and (okay... stop praising TiM.. just stopppp) while Haji looked smart and charming in red. It was a great day, a great weather and wonderful crowds.

So I was thinking what to give to them as a wedding gift, and I was thinking so hard that finally I realized... why not giving them my handmade cupcakes. okay i was joking abt the cupcakes. So I made an album for them (including all the pictures that I took ) and also a series of wishes from our friends.

We stayed in this bigger-than-bungalow-and-smaller-than-mansion house and wow, felt like living in a 5 star hotel, I tell ya. Further info, google Leenai Homestay or just click HERE.

Haji was happy and smiling all the way.

The bridegroom with his PAYA Rangers. (there's a inside joke here, just bare with me a bit .. hahaha)

Didn't I say the right thing, she was an angel. So flawless skin, so sweet, adorable, pretty and taken.hehe

Let's the bride and groom be united. Love. Love. Love. Love. (Beatle's song : All you need is LOVE)

Okay, the end.

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