Jan 14, 2010

I think I want to add more features in my blog and make it more attractive and presentable.That will be later. So, for that to happen, just sit back and stay tune. :D

Anyway, its a new year. A new month. So, it's been 6 months after my graduation which meant I've been working for more than 5 months now. Not bad. Not bad. Although I am still struggle with waking up early in the morning. Although I always thought that I am a morning bird but hey, in Malaysia 7.30am is still not early.

Owh I just realized that Malaysians start the online conversation with Hai/Hi/Hye. At least some of my friends do that. So I wonder what I always write to start an online conversation. ummmm maybe with yo or hey or call that person's name. Okay, that's just a random thought.
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