Dec 28, 2009

One hectic weekend.

Doing the presentation for the company. Owh need to visit the site. Also got few errands to do. blablabla.
Nevertheless, it was a hectic weekend yet it was fun!
Will update more later. cau!
as promised, I did upload more photos from last friday. sit back and relax for sat and sunday's photos.

amir came out with this terrific idea to have his face painted with white color. owh and that's not it, he got lots more of interesting ideas.

so we decided to go all around Segamat to shoot.
A shot with green grass always a must.

Went to funfair and wow, couldn't realize that funfair can be a nice place to shoot. Owh we added more paints on his face. To get more DRAMA.

He even laid down on the grass.

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