Dec 22, 2009

It was raining yet it wont ruin our days..

I went to Melaka last Friday with friends from high school. At first I wanted to snap their pictures in front of Stadhuys but we got carried away with shopping spree and opppssss, posing and shooting weren't the priority anymore. Ngeng~ Then when we finally got our minds back, and started to find a parking spot for our car near Dataran Pahlawan, the rain went down. Nice, just great to spoil good moods of everyone. We went into the mall and window-shopped around (at least for me. hehehe..) Then we stopped at the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa restaurant which I figured must be recently opened and hung out there like forever. We got some papers and pens and started to play around with those things. I wasn't aware who took whose pictures cause everything was all over the place and a bit chaotic yet it was a pleasant moment. So I picked only a few pictures to display here. Enjoy them and feel free to comment anything you want, and no worries, I don't bite!

pitah, as always posing with her adorable look. :D

She's Gay was the correct words as the letter S couldn't be seen clearly.

Okay, that just explained what we had wrote over our free time.

This one is my favorite, err not Amir but the picture itself. Hahaha. Gotta love how Amir posed to show he's not GEDIK while he actually was.

This idea was brought up by Shiela just to convey the message "Hey, look at me, I am a Lesbian but I am not!".
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