Nov 18, 2009

What a failure..

Oh no, not the gorgeous girls in the pictures. It was me who failed. Hahahaha. I tried to use manual setting. (I often used Av or Tv and sometimes P when I was lazy) Guess that I need to step up and be comfortable with the manual setting. The result was out of 159 shots I had, only two were so-so. The rest was a bunch of crap. Too underexposed and overexposed. Yes, I could fix that with software, but naahhhh.. Not in the mood.. So I went to bed with the feeling of a loser, and it wasn't pleasant at all. Haih..

To Mr Serious Amateur, apparently I can't produce today's shot is better than yesterday. Damn me damn me..

Since most of my ghost readers come to my blog to see my pictures, I upload these two so-so pictures for your eye candy. :D

BTW, I followed GG, Walid and Alif to Kuari Bumbun yesterday. I was in awe with its scenery. Two thumbs up okay. Gotta love the rocks.

Currently I am saving up to buy another lens. Sometimes what demotivates me is the TEMPTATION. Temptation to travel and hang out with friends and spend money. Temptation to eat good food and spend money. Temptation to go shopping and spend money. Temptation to buy myself a few nice furnitures and spend money. Ok2, stop thinking about it. Just STOPPPPPPPP..
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