Nov 24, 2009

The fresh look perhaps?

I am thinking of changing the layout of this blog. Perhaps to have bigger dimension of the uploaded pictures. Or more presentable. Or anything.

I just think that I need to change few things in my life. One of them is this layout. hahaha.

Another thing is to move on again. I guess that if you follow my blog for more than two years, you will surely realize how I seldomly write about move on and move on and move on. Sometimes I write about motivation to make me moving on so that I could have the strength to really move on. This time, it's hard to move on. A tough one. It's not because I did any wrong or the other half did something bad either, but it's just the wrong timing and wrong need. It's something that's hard to describe. Yet, not everything could be explained by words aite? Now I wonder if another two years I will meet the other half again and the feelings could be weaved again...? NO.. It won't happen but who knows..

I don't want to let go.. but I know at one point, I have to.
Today should be that one point.

I am strong.
I am weak.
I am fragile.
I am ignorance.
I am smart.
I am stupid.
I am cute.
I am ugly.

I am everything that you want to see.
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