Nov 9, 2009


Okay, it's just tiring to see SPAMS in the comment box. Come on SPAMMERS, go somewhere else. I have other things to enjoy other than your stu*** SPAMS. What a bunch of JERKS.

Okay calm down process... teettttt...

I post some picture that Comel and I took when we were camping at Lata Kijang, N9.( months ago hahaha) If you just LOVE outdoor and can't live without it, please.. I beg you.. please go to Lata Kijang. There're a lot of breath taking scenes.

I read yin's blog. He wrote about keep asking himself a question whether his current state was better today than yesterday. Hey, guess what? I always ask myself the same question. I guess there're many people ask the same sh*t out there. Sometimes I wonder, will it change if I change the question to a statement.
Instead of " Will myself be better than yesterday?"

to " I want myself be better than yesterday!"

or to make it more extreme " I must be better than yesterday!"

I don't know whether that would change myself a lot and I am not that brave to try that theory alone. I guess myself is not ready to commit to such a big change. Perhaps it's the moment when we're not mentally ready but we want to move on and change, that's when that wonder jumps in. Perhaps.

One thing I know for sure, I had regrets in my life.So..

If my life tomorrow will not be better than today, I will make sure that regrets will not repeat themselves.

Lastly, enjoy the picture and PLEASE STOP SPAMMING BEFORE I GO NUT!

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