Nov 6, 2009

The Shark Tale

Went to Pulau Payar to snorkle. (luckily that sureen brought her waterproof camera and yes, I got my pictures immersed deep in the ocean which later on would be exposed..)Since my camera wasn't water resistant which I hope it was for thousandth of times, I didn't take lots of pictures. Owh did I tell you that you need to pay RM140 to snorkle in Pulau Payar. Sound expensive rite? Well, for RM140, you could be on the boat for an hour, get one lunch set(chicken chop okay!!) and rent one snorkle's gear set. I say not that bad.. Nahh.. The most intriguing part was to witness shark feeding. ( I swam above that shark mannn!! and it was a damn silent moment ever in my life )

Wished that I used 28mm-135mm instead of the lens kit so that I could more close-up shots. Few times the shark splashed the salty water to my camera. Grrr bad shark, bad shark.. Grrrr..

Nevertheless, these pictures are better than nothing aite.

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