Sep 11, 2009

It's all about balance..

You can have a busy life, yet still have time to drink tea with your folks.

Nothing is wrong to befriend with troubled person, as long as you only choose to see the bright side of him/her.

It's okay if you don't like what you're doing, but the least you could do is to give the best effort into it cause at the end, regret can be a big mistake.

Let me introduce some of my huge family.

Aisyah, standard 3. She's talkative and a bit sensitive. Love Tiger Cookies. Want to be either Doctor, Scientist or Teacher. She doesn't want to go to India for studying Medic cause she doesn't know how speak Hindi.

Aman, form 1. He just found his own paradise when the family moved to Berata. All his friends live nearby okay. Doesn't like to help out with the house works, but always been forced to do them.
Inah, standard 6. Might be the tallest in the family (tallest girl). She wanted to study in boarding school, but the dad said, "what for?? " She always came out with the excuses to study whenever she was acquired to do something; but it's okay cause UPSR was over. She's screwed now. hehe

Diya/Adik, almost 2 year old. She likes to think that she's smart and clever. She likes to do everthing on her own, altho at the end she will create nothing but messes.

Yan, 6 year old. She was stopped from going to kindergarten quite recently cause she din't want to learn ABC. Nevertheless, she know numbers really well and you will never fool her with it. She only watches TV and plays games everyday.

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