May 13, 2009

What Happens After You Die??

Mazidah pointed it out and yeah, I agreed with her. What happen to all your private stuff when you're leaving this world? Well, some people can have your shoes, clothes, cars and other materialistic things when you die (or else, your family will just throw it away).

However, what will happen to your memories, as in pictures memories. Those pictures, projects, homework and designs are all stored in your hard disk. Are they all will be deleted or forgotten forever without anyone cares about it?

That sucks to think about it. Then comes this idea of making a website/blog of places that I went all around the world. So people can take advantages of the site (hopefully people surf the site). At least when I die, my pictures are still useful and not hidden in the storage of god knows where.

I'll give you the link of the website later. I am working on it now.
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