May 10, 2009

Tag : 2009 Cute 3logger Award

Rules to do this tag are:

1. Copy Badge "2009, Cute 3blogger Award" and paste to your post.
2. Link back the person who gave you this award.
3. State 10 facts about yourself
4. Tag your blogger friends to receive this award
5. Visit their blogs and comment on their posts about this award such as
" You've been tagged, please come to my blog to receive your award "

1. Done

2. Enon tagged me. I've been closed to her since form 4 and form 5. She's a great person, anyone who wants to have a pretty and nice wife, you can bet on her. hahaha.

3. 10 facts?? man that's a lot.

- just bought a speedlite for my Rebel XT. So no souvenirs for my friends okay. Need to cut off expenses. haha
- i like yellow color
- currently busy packing my stuff to be shipped back to Malaysia
- officially an engineer in training.
- already got a job offer in Segamat with a small company. hehe
- am listening to the chirping of the birds. Ahhh so peacedul
- hate period pain. yucks
- hate jerk guy. boleh putus kawan ah senang cter
- hate to iron clothes. well, it's more to lazy actually
- my senior design project worked really well. woot woot
- love to read but have lots of unread books. urgh

4. Zikri, Miem, Ikin, Sureen, Kocek, Senduk

5. LAZYYYYYYY.. hahahahaha
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