Feb 15, 2009

What makes you happy and what doesnt?

Took this picture at Central Park, Near Wollman Rink. Impressed with the beauty of nature even though it's winter now.

I don't have an excellent CGPA to graduate.
Even though I may seem that I wasn't care enough.
Deep within me, I want it.
But there's nothing I could do at this point.

I do envy friends who have better CGPA than me.
I want to be like them.
Proud of themselves with their assessments.

However, one used to tell me, that this life is fair.
You can't get everything in this life.
If you want something else that is not given, other thing will be sacrificed.
It's the basic equivalent law of life.

Come thinking about it, would I exchange my life for better result?
Umm, I think that I like my life better than other people.
So no, thanks.
Let me be envy, but it won't kill me.

I may have the worst nightmare ever, but I was blessed with other gifts.
So I am happy with what I have.

Picture of the day. Taken at the Wollman Rink, Central Park. Model by Syaz.

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