Feb 16, 2009

Sahaja aku puasa..

A conflict happened in the middle of Volleyball game.

Woke up today. " owh, today is Monday, what if I just fast today. Still have 3 days to replace my fast from last Ramadhan"
My stomach growled. " it's okay, today won't be a long day, no fencing, no class, and I can loose weight "
Went to scale machine and weighted myself. " xxx.8 lb, not bad. it'll go down at dusk. hehe"
Opened up chesscube.com and play one game.
Opened facebook and reply to picture comments.
Adah ym-ed me. Oh oh chat with her for a while.
My foot kicked something. Picked it up.
" owh, it's the water bottle.who put it down here?"
Put the water bottle next to my laptop.
umm, thirsty. saw the water bottle next to me. There was a little water in it.
Drank the water.

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