Jan 11, 2009

Vermont and Homesickness

Just got back from Vermont trip. I had a great time learning about friends, and how to handle bad situation under bad weather. Something that couldn't be learnt anywhere else. One thing about this trip was it pulled the trigger for me to be homesick. Yes, I've been in states for more than 3 years but still can't handle homesickness.

  • When I woke up in the morning, and could hear people talking, laughing and screaming, I recalled the moment at kampung. The kids were chasing each other, the ladies sharing stories after a long separation while cooking and the men talked about serious issues like politics, business and public affairs.

  • When I did snowfight with friends, my mind flashed back the moment when my siblings and I pretended to be in war by throwing pillows to each other after arranged the furniture to be our barrier.

  • When yaya wore towel to cover her hair, I thought of Umi who always did the same thing when she went out of the house to pick up 'kain jemuran'.

  • When I had my face hit by snowballs, I remembered Zaid whose had been tough to me. He gave me bruises, he hit me, he kicked me and he threw things whenever we were fighting. (well, actually, I did the same thing to him as well. hahaha, but he was stronger than me) At the end, he would be the one who said sorry first.

  • When Joe said something like "mungkin enterprise akan bg free je kereta tu, mungkin.. kite tengok cane nanti" in the last meeting we had, I can hear abah's voice strictly saying "mane ade mungkin2, telefon enterprise sekarang!". It was weird, I know it was.

Lastly, thanks to everyone. I had a good time in Vermont.

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