Jan 2, 2009

New Year Resolution...

I wanna be more responsible towards faith, myself, family, friends and society. Also, be a better person than last year.

Finally, I want to move on (that's it, not gonna let PSTD do me harm anymore) and believe that I can move on. --> cause it's what you believe that defines who you are. I want to be able to laugh back at my mistakes and share with others.

Year 2008 - gosh, it's one of the hardest year, but a fun one at the same time. I realized that I've become more wiser/subtle than the previous year. Everthing gets better towards the end, even though few things din't work as I wanted them to be, but it's ok, I still have another year to work with. I've lost my cunning skill, probably it was because of the chocie that I made. I am grateful that year 2008 was filled with the warmth from sporting families, cheerful friends, and supportive Stevens community. Although, I accidentally couldn't hold my temper and almost created foe, but I couldn't pretend it's okay when it wasn't. So, just bare with me and I'll cool down later.

Year 2009 - 2009 will be complicated with the transition to a new life after college's. Demn, I'm half excited and half scared for the next phase of my life. Got few plans after graduation, have been working on each one of them slowly. Insyallah, I should be fine in the future, cause all the past mistakes, problems and challenges had prepared me for the future. Can't wait to be back in Segamat again and see the changes. New house, celebrate raya in Malaysia, high school reunion, scuba diving again, and be connected with the loved ones.

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