Jan 24, 2009

Do you really have flashback?

I'm curious, do you guys have some kinda flash back once in a while. Flash back of what you did when you were small, when you were in high school, when you were with your family? Or maybe it's just me, who's been sentimental. lalala

Zaid (my brother) keep saying that I can remember everything that some people don't really remember, like what happened when I was 6 years old. Personally, I admit that I can remember some but not all though. Mostly things that make me happy. Things that dissapoint me, I tend to erase slowly, but it takes time.

I remember the time when I can read (at 5 year old) and I can read English at that time tu. Just can't understand what it meant. Haha.
I remember the time when I got 100% in my first English test, when I was 7. I got orange candy.
I remember when the first time Abah taught me how to ride a bike.
I remember the moment when Abah bought a car.
I remember the smell of Piah when she's the first baby sister that I am allowed to carry/hold.

So, what do you guys think? do you always have flashback?
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