Apr 28, 2008

Ruffled Mind

Approaching Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Word of the day
" Face your day with a smile "

Important thing that I read yesterday
" What's definition of Malaysia as a Islamic Country because most Muslims in Malaysia aren't really practicing Islam? Where do I stand now.. liberal? extremist? secular? err... kinda more to liberal. and is that a good thing or vice versa? "

The flashback of GRAD dinner

It's been a good 3 years knowing you. Next semester will be so different without you around.

:: laughing :: teasing :: gossiping :: crying :: smiling :: eating :: traveling :: shopping ::

** with Ikin and Mawi **

** with Chiem and Tim Mama **

** with Nizam and Azfar **

** with Atim and Ain ( Ain.... why did you leave early yesterday??)

** The KING and the QUEEN, the hottest gossip ever **

** Chit chat-ing after party **

** Sureen - Princess Dairy **

:: laughing :: teasing :: gossiping :: crying :: smiling :: eating :: traveling :: shopping ::

Tips for low light
- Use Prime Lense since it has better f no
- Use ISO 1600 (don't worry abt noise if your camera 8MP and above)
- Auto WB since the light's density in the hall is not uniform
- Change the color gradient towards red and orange (based on the hall's background), but not so much.
- Play around with the flash intensity. If your object is close, reduce the flash by one stop, if farthest, increase by one or two stop.
- It takes a while for the lens to focus on the subject, so be patient and wait for another one or two seconds more.

Wish ListI want a lens that has a focal length 18mm - 55mm and f no less than 2.5
( Patient is a virtue that you don't see immediately )
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