Aug 26, 2012

Silver is the FUTURE GOLD..

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I have been reading bout silver for few months now. Just like gold, silver is anti inflation. Which hold the same value while the paper money inflates each year. Yet why silver?

Cause silver is simply cheap as you can buy 1g of silver for less than rm3 (depending on the spot price) while the price for gold is around rm170 for 1g. So you can buy more quantity of silver as supposed to gold.

Silver is widely used in the food industries or electronics. While gold is basically been made as women's accesories and been kept as gold bars in the bank.

At the same time, history has proven that the price of silver hike up twice as much as gold. Which indicates that you can have high return of investment if you deciding upon gold.

Doesnt silver is just as interesting as gold is? :)

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p/s: This is one of my way to contribute to the society by spreading hopefully useful information to all. I'm deeply sorry if my writing has misleading facts yet please let me know for any incorrect info.
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