Jul 7, 2012

Happy 3rd year working anniversary...

Assalamualaikum to all..
Here I am lying on bed before dozing off and thinking bout sharing a post on a blog that I've been ignored for months..

Yesterday, the 1st of July 2012, really put a conscience on me, how I'd been grown up since the 1st day of work in 2009.

Graduated from states with a big heart, I wanted to be a businesswoman with multimillionaire projects handled. Later I decided to work with my dad as he was himself a businessman and I would learn a lot from him. So I chose the path of working in Segamat, in my hometown, where everything was laid back. I was willing to learn as much and to work as hard as long I could achieve my dream.

Yet in between, I fell in love, got engaged, and would be getting married this coming October. An abnormal guy with complex personality who thinks that he's really worth it. Know nothing but to annoy me which he thinks that is attractive enough in my eyes. Gosh fate is indeed weird. Yup, so I would be spending my whole life with him. Insyallah. So I pray hard for not loosing my temper, my patience and my soberness in this ship of marriage later on.

For now I love-hate my job as I was not getting the satisfaction that I imagine. I realize that life will not be as easy although we have imagined the hardship of life as to prepare ourselves. There's always things to improve and you can't be producing the best result as in the real life, there are others who are a lot better than you.

Definitely in those 3 years, I've changed and at the same make mistakes as my real life started after graduating from college.

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