Jan 1, 2011

wahhhh it's been a while and hey WELCOME 2011!!!

Hello there....

hey look at the date hey ho!!
good date right..
good date for a date..
good date for a start..
good date for everything..

so let the date 01/01/11 is the new me..
cause i always want to be someone better..
so let 010111 be the benchmark of my change..

its been awhile i dont live a dream..
i play safe..
i priotize what's more important than what's more fun..

so well, it should be more about balance and balance and balance..

so here i am saying..

010111 should be more of

- readings (jeez, i forgot the last time i bought a novel..)
- interactive ideas and also dare to make the ideas to the reality
- success (of course!!!)
- more holidays (will find ways to get money)
- more savings (okay definitely need to balance saving and holidays)
- lastly more picturessssss.. seriously more great picturessss

yes, i miss all of you. and my deep apologise for being missing in the mist just like that.. :p

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