Jul 18, 2010

When you have your dream..

Lately, I've been reading blogs (yeah, I do love reading blogs) that my fellow friends wrote. One thing that I see in common is how they convey the positive thinking that can be used by others. They spread good ideas and reasonings to be a kind human being. To those blog writers, kudos to all. (ok fine, I'll put their links below and you guys can read them and judge them yourselves..)

Maybe for a year or two, I've lost the reasonings to spread wisdoms to others.. Maybe I thought just uploading photos should be sufficient. hehe. (well, sometimes I just lost in the ignorance state..)

Why bother care to spread wisdoms? why? why? cause I believe that the meaning of life is to give in. I am not lucky enough to be a rich person (yet?) so I could donate to those who in need. The least, I could educate, motivate, and tell facts to somebody. At the same time, I believe that everyone should spreads wisdom as well. It does happen though in our society, where people hang out at the kopitiam/warung/cafe, and they share thoughts and knowledge as well as gossips and rumors. So lets share what we know to the world, shall we?

Anyway, something to ponder.. A dream.. Perhaps a student dreams for passing the exams with flying colors and a girl dreams for the happiness ever after. Each person must have a dream. A dream that we keep within ourselves or we share with the closed ones. A dream that what makes us strive hard to be the best. A dream that enquires sacrifaction. A dream that's worth to live for.

So these photos are representing what my dream is about. (hopefully it will always be my dream...)

A dream to be an expertise in my field (although I graduated as an Mechanical Eng and yet I am working in the Civil arena, but as long as it's engineering field, I am happy.. :D )

I know the path in front of me will be a loooooooonnnngggg and narrow ones, but who cares, cause I will just do it. (although at this moment, havent sent my application to BEM, krik krik krik.. )

Owh owh forgot abt the links.. ha ha ha
and few others that I can't find/remember their url address
(please copy and paste cause I'm super lazy to make those linkable.. ;P )
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