May 26, 2010

How to Survive..

ummm, bare with me for another rambling okay folks.
i've been working for a year right now. My saving is still in the pathetic level.(blame all on the photography gadgets and travel trips, yet they're my treasures okayyy!!). Oh my TiM, you don't want to ramble abt money, do you? hehe

Well, actually I just want to write about surviving in life from what I've observed. (duhhh, that's all you want to say.. what a boring toppiiiccc... zzZZzzzZZZzzz)

Anyway, regardless of what qualifications you do have or what kind of job you do work, the most important thing in life is to survive. Then success will be the second or maybe the third. How you survive in this cruel materialistic world? Where the technologies keep changing. Where branded stuffs are more desireable. Where ppl are neglecting the need of unity and the warmth of loves.

How to survive? Even I don't know the best solution. Cause solution is not important. Yet to know how to survive is the key. You get what I mean? Get it? Get it?

Anyway, anyhow, congratulations to my friends, class of 2010 who're already graduating. You guys really did survive in States. Let's make a mini gathering when all of you are back in Malaysia k.

Lastly, another collection of Redang pictures. (Randomly selected them.he he)

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