Apr 21, 2010

Let's Go Back to the Past

Owh, today I went back home early okay..cause I got some ideas to shoot my snobbish sisters at the lawn. At the same time, I was craving for garlic bread. So I was like.. okay, I'd make the garlic bread and then shot the girls. When I arrived home, to my surprise, there was no bread at all..Aiyoooo.. poor my tummy. My tummy needed food.. My tummy wanted garlic bread. Grrrrrrrrr

So after begging Pyah to go out and buy bread, I stayed at home watching TV. urghhhh hungry..hungry.. krooh kroooohhh kroohhhhh.. so the tummy made sound. aiyooooo.. and Pyah was taking foreverrrrr to buy the freaking bread..!!! more anger when tummy got more hungrier.

Okay cut the story short, got the bread, then spreaded 'em with garlic and butter.. then bizzarre.. black out.. blac out.. black out.. you know why? cause my house got some wiring problem and the circuit would trip whenever its lightning. Ggggrrrrrr I need some magic here to fix the wiring problem. (oh yeah, sometimes the switch box exploded-like literally exploded if thunderstorm occured..scary huh? well, that's my house..)

Nevertheless, the tea time was great since I got my garlic bread and hot milk+coffee. The photoshoot wasn't to be happened due to rain. haih. Anyway, I digged some old photos and found those.. I took those shots when I was visiting Netherlands. Okay, bear with me with the photography rules.(hehehe, I was a noob back then, and still am now..aiyooo). Let's focus on the pictures.. Prettyyy okayyyyy.. I mean the place, Netherlands, the land of windmills. Those pictures were taken during winter.. so just imagine when its spring.. gasp.. will be super nice right!!!!!

Now, I will be dreaming abt the beauty of Netherlands (hopefully.. please god.. let me have a wonderful dream. haha)

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