Apr 16, 2010

a boring post..

I said to myself.
Many times.
Take more pics.
Update ur blog.


i got no time to take more pics.
i got no idea to update the blog.

but Insyallah will dig into my old pictures and get something nice to show.. pinky promise..

owh, i had a small argument with my client today. I guess, being young with lack of experience put me in the good spot of finger pointing. When something went wrong, the debate among authorities would always blame towards me, the daughter of the well-experienced dad. why?? cause i got no one to defend me. the well-experienced dad was so busy with another projects, so great... a lucky day for me. i was stucked for a while.but studied overseas taught me alot. to fight back. to use what i had to the end. to be out-spoken. to be courageous with no fear. (okay, i lied abt the fear. everyone shud has fear aite?)and the result was, i wasn't to be blamed. or at least the company wasn't to be blamed. hurray for TiM.. ngeh
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