Mar 17, 2010

Yong Bella (The right name is Yong Belar)

After 4 years not doing any extreme hiking, this was my first attempt. Not bad not bad. I was literally walking 8 hours on the first day to reach the peak of Yong Bella and walking another 7 hours on the next day to go down. I only bought my camera with battery grip (for longer hours under the cold weather..brrrr) and the lens kit (for its lightness and I-dont-care-if-the-lens-broke reasons). However, I was a bit regret for not having enough equipments (tripod, better lens, and speedlight) cause there were so many amazing things to shoot. ( I finally have to surrender to my stamina disability to endure lifting more weight in 2 days hike. looooonggggg and silent sighhhh)

Abah is coming back today.. fuhhhh so I don't have to burden the business thingy alone anymore.. :D weeee weeee..

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